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About First Fruits Farm

What we Do & How we do it

Though our farm is not certified organic, everything we grow and raise is done so with organic methods. Seed, soil, and additives are certified organic and OMRI listed; fertilization comes from compost, manure, fish emulsion, and cover crops; pests are managed via beneficial insects/organisms, companion planting, and row/soil coverings.

We rotationally graze our animals: sheep and chickens in the pasture, ducks on grass, and pigs in the woods! Our sheep are 100% grass fed, while our chickens, ducks, and pigs are supplemented with organic feed. We are in the process or growing our own hay and want to eventually grow our own small grains. We currently have bees and have a little bit of raw honey to sell–just message us! We started our orchard in 2022 and hope to add to it each year.

We want to be as sustainable and self-sufficient as possible, eventually feeding the farm from the farm, and build toward regeneration (improving the quality of both food and soil). It takes time to get everything working together, but we believe the benefits to our health, the health of the community and environment is worth the investment!



Minimal waste, minimal tillage



We are growing slowly intentionally. We want to work with nature by observing and adjusting, designing from patterns that present themselves.



We’ve been blessed with this farm and are called to take care of the land, the animals and the environment.


Health Focused

We grow this way because we want to eat this way. We believe closest to nature is best, and want to provide nutritious food for ourselves and our community.

Our Story

Meet Chris & Emily Molnar

Though from a young age we both had a desire to one day have our own farm, as first-generation farmers we each took a winding path to where we are now.

Chris first pursued the Marine Corps, enlisting at 18, with the intention of becoming a police officer after serving a number of years. His plans were dramatically altered after being medically retired from the Marines, and as a result no longer had the option to serve as a policeman. He decided to get his associates in communications and pursue a short speaking career, then finally ended up in the Organic Farming Certificate Program at Delaware Valley University where he met Emily.

Emily completed her B.S. in Psychology and went on to start her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. While researching horticulture therapy for a paper, she came across the Organic Farming Certificate Program and instantly felt like it was what she was supposed to do. She quickly dropped out of the master’s program and enrolled in the farming program for the upcoming spring semester. Had she waited, she never would have met Chris!

We met January 2019, started dating that May, engaged September 2020, and married October 9, 2021. In that time, we have grown significantly as farmers, as business owners and managers, and as a couple—but we still have a lot to learn! Our rock and the foundation of our life and our farm is our faith and hope in Jesus Christ. We have been blessed beyond measure and given more than we could have ever hoped for or imagined. Our desire is to bless others through the outpouring of what we have received from God, to take care of and give back what is already His, and to share the Good News through our life and our farm.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are we open?

We sell at the Plumsteadville Grange Farm Market every Saturday, 9am-12:30pm, June-October. We have eggs, honey, and meat available year-round, just message/email us!

What do we sell?

We currently grow mixed produce, cut flowers, and have both duck and chicken eggs. We also raised pastured chicken, forest-grazed pork, and grass-fed lamb. Sign up for our email to get updates on availability each week!